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Leadership Team Blog - Marc Schroeder

Dear colleagues,

On Wednesday July 29th we had a great day for the JV, as we visited the Pure Leaf Tea House in Soho NY together with Indra Nooyi and Paul Polman. It was a day of highlights. Of course to have our 2 CEOs enjoying our Teas in our beautiful store, but more importantly also because we celebrated that Pure Leaf has reached the amazing milestone of $1Billion in Retail Sales after only 6 years since the successful relaunch. We had the most fantastic cake in the shape of our Pure Leaf bottle and leaf tea jar to emphasize our 1 Brand 1 Voice approach. This was in line with our theme for the occasion: to celebrate the unique 26 year old partnership between Unilever and PepsiCo.

After the tour of the store we had a business review with Paul and Indra, the first one for the JV with both CEO’s in a room in 26 years. We received great feedback on our business results, our strategy, our Employer Value Proposition and our initiatives such as sugar reduction, tea forward innovation and portfolio expansion ideas. However, both CEO’s pushed us to keep raising the bar and gave us food for thought with questions such as: how do we bring tea to life even more for our consumers especially instore; do we really have full clarity on what consumer problems we are solving; are we anticipating competition sufficiently; can we push tea functionality and are we moving fast enough with our expansion both geographically and in portfolio. Overall it was a very engaging discussion, and both Indra and Paul left the meeting impressed and confident that we are on the right track.

I would like to thank everyone for making this day so special, especially Laraine and Hong for all their fantastic work on the Pure Leaf Tea House and for making the visit such a success. This year has been very good thus far. Of course we still need to finish strong ensuring we live up to the high expectations that both Unilever and PepsiCo have of us. Therefore, I trust all of you to deliver the second half of 2017 with even more passion, competitive energy and willpower.

Thank you for your commitment and hard work and enjoy your summer!